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Report on the DDMC 12 Car – 17th April 2015

Navigators Report on April 2015’s 12 Car – Last Minute Rally (.com) So, at the monthly meeting 2 weeks before when Ollie said ‘yeah, I’ll do it’ for the last club 12 car before the summer scatters begin – I bet he was regretting that even as the words exited his mouth! It was less

Report On The DDMC 12 Car – February 13th 2015

(OR: From Last To First In 2 Weeks) As I drove cross-country from home to the start at the Radnor Arms in Corston it was obvious that the farmers had been busy and spread a liberal amount of mud across the roads, and knowing the area we were going to be travelling, it was going

February 2015 – 12 Car

January 2015 – 12 Car

Our First Attempt – 12 car organised by Andy and Gary Well things started off relaxed for us, (which is very unusual). The car was missing its sump guard (it was off for straightening as it was not the correct shape after the Great Bustard 2013). So the plan for this was to take the