Chairmans Ramblings – March 2018

Just a few words this month. February club night was again a good turn out. We went out marshalling on the 12 car rally organised by Glenn & Nick. We did 2 controls and put out some control boards. Only had 3 cars through at our 2nd control and all were moaning that it was too hard. However at the finish everybody seemed to have enjoyed themselves which is what it is all about.

The following Sunday we had a trip down to Exeter to be presented with the ASWMC award for best road rally of 2017. The award is a big shield and a nice replica which we keep. Hopefully, if Martin’s camera worked well enough inside the marquee at the Autosolo, then there should be a couple of pictures elsewhere in the mag.

Our big event was of course the Autosolo. Very early start, absolutely freezing cold all day but I did have the advantage that I could shelter in our new fantastic marquees. A very good purchase especially as MSA coughed up £500.00. I believe that these and Ddmc will be in the next MSA News. All competitors said it was a great event ( which it was ) – well done every body who helped. I did feel sorry for Roger Fletcher as he was stuck in the middle all day and had nowhere to shelter out of the icy cold wind. Chris is going to be away next year so he was duly deputised by Martin Satchell & Ian Sillcocks to take over next year – perhaps they will change the date to the middle of summer when it might be a bit warmer !!!

By Keith Edwards