Chairmans Ramblings – January 2018

That is it – another year gone – definitely older but don’t know about wiser!

The AGM went off well enough although we were relegated to the outside bar as they had double booked our normal room. I say outside bar but it did have doors that fully enclosed it and had heating and by way of compensation the landlord gave us a big bowl of chips – nice touch. Full report of AGM has already been sent out so I am not bringing it up.

Janet and myself went “marshal training” at Brooklands – report else where in the mag – so again I am not going to mention it. Amy & Martin’s 12 car started ( I think ) and finished at The Bell Inn Standerwick the Friday after the AGM. We didn’t go to the start as Amy had already worked out where she wanted us to go which meant we were not so rushed and could eat before we left home. We did a couple of TC’s and put some boards out. The weather wan’t too bad although wet underfoot but the moon was something else. It looked just like a massive satellite dish – incredible. I am doing The Winter Classic with Mike Gray of Salisbury & Shaftesbury Car Club who have again asked Janet & I to be chief marshals on their rally that they are putting on in July. The Bustard Rally will be a Targa event using amongst others Worthy and Slaight as tests. I attended the first meeting where it came to light that although they have lots of contacts and good connections with the land owners they do not really have enough bodies to run the event to a high standard and would be interested in co – promoting with DDMC – ie. our name goes on all the paperwork but they would be the main club as MSA rules dictate that only 1 club should have overall responsibility in the event of any problems. I have said that we probably would be prepared to help but that it must be a club decision – hence we will discuss it at club night.

Don’t forget out autotest on Sunday January 7th will be your last chance to score points in the 2017 championship

Keith Edwards